A Colours Project

This morning, I stumbled into a neat project.

Vicky Loras had posted a picture of her purple armchair.

Thanks, Vicky Loras – CC

Now, normally, I would have looked and moved on but I was interested in this.  A purple chair on a hardwood floor.  I have a daughter who would flip for that combination.

I had a little chat back and forth with Vicky and learned that this was part of a much larger project than pictures from her living room!

This was part of an ELT project – this was focused on colours!  Follow the conversation at:  #eltpics

It turns out that the results are shared via a Flickr group where people are shooting pictures of very distinct colours for use in ELT classes.  What a cool concept!  Certainly it’s very easy to participate – just find and shoot an image illustrating a particular colour and share.  All of the images are available for anyone to use under a Creative Commons license.  The full descriptor from the Flickr site is:

A set of photos, based on a weekly theme, taken by ELT teachers, trainers and writers from around the world.
These are, in turn, available free to others in the field of ELT under a CC license.
Anyone interested in joining in can tweet an image with the hashtag #eltpics
For a more detailed explanation of how to join in, see this post.
To learn how to download pictures, watch this screen capture.
For ideas on how to use some of the photos, visit the eltpics blog: takeaphotoand.wordpress.com

If you back your way out of this Colours set, you’ll find all kinds of sets based on different themes.

I really like this concept.  Teachers world-wide working together to support each other (and anyone else) and all shared via Creative Commons.  Kudos to the group and my sincere thanks to Vicky for dangling the carrot that lead me into this in the first place!



  1. This would work really well using Math photos.
    My colleague @mkgoindi started something like this (for Math) in her own Flickr stream – wonder if she’s considered using tags and sharing with other Math teachers?

    Cool idea! Thanks Vicky and Doug!


  2. One more ‘thing’ to add to my ECOO 2012 101 Things to do with an iCamera workshop with credit given to Vicky and Doug.


  3. Hi Doug!

    Thank you so much for mentioning the #eltpics project : ) We are very happy with how it is developing and great to see other teachers like it too. Thank you also to Brenda and Ron!

    Best wishes,Vicky


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