Google – Now with more …

… ways to search on the iPad.

For the longest time, I think I was like most people.  When I’d visit the Google site, wishing to conduct a search, I would just tap in the search bar and type with the standard keyboard and then execute the search.  It’s functional and normally, that’s all that matters.

But then, I thought I’d died and gone to searching heaven when I realized that I could split the keyboard (two thumbs and tear it apart) and search like the golden days of my first Blackberry.  It was so much more efficient.  Must less travel on the hunting and pecking finger and I get the sense that it’s actually more accurate.

Even that got superceded when voice search was added.  Just speak into the microphone and your search was ready to go.  This lasted, I think, until about 10 minutes into American Idol where I was told that I’d found a new way to be annoying …  Back to the keyboard.

A recent feature makes it both efficient and quiet.   Handwriting on the iPad.

This is very, very cool.  It’s just a matter of configuring Google Search for the tablet to recognize handwriting.  Now when I visit Google’s search page, a little icon in the bottom right corner of the screen indicates that it’s ready to recognize my handwriting.  I just write on top of the screen, “magically” it gets scaled and inserted into the search field, and away we go!

This is a configuration that you set within your Google account.  Make sure that you’re in tablet mode and go to the search settings.  You’ll see a toggle mid-screen to enable handwriting recognition.

Could tablet search get any better?

UPDATED — to include this video from Google —

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