Three Olympics Compared

I must admit that I’m fascinated with watching Olympic events.  My preference is the summer Olympics but I’ll take winter as well.  My favourite sport to view?  Aquatics of any kind and the premier sport of interest for me is Water Polo.

I’ve been following things at the Olympic website and, of course, all things London.

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In my poking around, I discovered that London will have actually hosted the Olympic games three times.  I knew about 1948 but didn’t realize that there was a set of games in 1908.  So, rather than poking, I started digging.

It’s fascinating to see the number of sporting events, a comparison of the events, the growth in the number of women and events for women, and the historical images from the Olympic website.

A recent article by Peter Jackson posted to the BBC News site really has caught my attention.  It would make for a great starting point for research and discussion in the classroom…if you’re in a classroom this late July, early August.

In one page, Jackson has compared the 1908, 1948, and 2013 Olympic events hosted by London.  Warning, if you click the link and have even a bit of interest in the games, you’ll be missing in action for a while.  There’s no question that this is big business.  The numbers are staggering.  The final comparison is the price of a pint of beer!

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