Good Things Happen…

…when you walk a dog!

You may or may not know that this blog was unavailable for a short time overnight.  I was pretty worried about this.  What had I done now?

I followed the steps outlined in the WordPress support forums and completed a form asking for some help and then headed out for a dog walk.  By the time the dog and I returned, Anthony from WordPress had reviewed things and reactivated the blog.  My sincere thanks.  Apparently, it fell victim to an automated process.

I apologize for any inconvenience to anyone who got caught up in all of this and send my appreciation to @windsordi who first alerted me to the problem.  I owe you a Tim’s.

Take some time today to walk your own dog!



  1. Whatever the reason, I’m glad that your blog is up and running again! I LOVE what you share here, and it’s great news that it could be fixed so quickly.


    P.S. I’m sure your dog enjoyed the walk as much as you! 🙂


  2. It looks like rain is in the forecast and that always means lots of things to sniff and think about. We’re a perfect pair. I sniff; he thinks!


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