About the Perfect Blog Post

This infographic comes from a “Famous Bloggers” post by Gregory Ciotti.  The actual infographic is attributed to Derek of SocialTriggers and designed by Alex of Kolakube:

The original intent was for those who would blog for profit or to promote/support an existing product.  As I look through the bulleted areas, I think that education would be remiss to not be aware of this.  If you consider blogging to be a great example of a persuasive writing piece, then the layout makes sense.

The original post has some food for thought for each of the bullet points and certainly, the graphic would serve to guide students in their blog post creation.

Cut to the bottom bullet point.  Buy or Subscribe?  Let’s focus on “Buy”.  After all, anytime we or students are blogging, we’re all into sales – trying out very best to sell our ideas, our thoughts, our positions.

I would suggest that this would be a great introduction to blogging in the classroom.  (ignore the spelling mistake).  Have students work their way through the chart before composing their first efforts.  The steps should help focus on the task.

Thanks, Mr. Ciotti.


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