Downes on LMS and PLE

This video appeared embedded in an article I read this morning, "Walled in on the Web?  Limits of the LMS".  Stephen Downes talks about the difference between LMS and PLE.  He really documents and puts forth a strong warning about the dangers of being locked out of the learning process by a simple implementation of [...]

A K-8 Computer Science Curriculum

Today, the Computer Science Teachers' Association released its newest document "K-8 Computer Science:  Building a Solid Foundation".  The document is a collection of articles from The Voice with content specifically targeted for the K-8 classroom.     Patrice Gams, the chair of the K-8 Task Force introduced the document in a mailing to members of [...]

OTR Links 07/18/2012

Making the Most of Google Docs: Tips & Lesson Ideas | Catlin Tucker, Honors English Teacher Since attending the Google Teacher Academy in April, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about each Google application. The result? I am realizing how little I actually knew about these tools and how tragically I was [...]