Google + – Old School and New School

I’ve got a Google + account and it’s a great source for interesting reading.  It is definitely nicely laid out when viewing the social network on my computer.  Sometimes, though, it’s nice to just take Google + for a portable read.  And there, the iPad serves up the content.

For the longest time, I was using a Google App installed on my iPad.  From its main menu, there are buttons to tap and head into Google +, Gmail, Maps, etc.  Two of the streams that I find really interesting are “What’s Hot” and “Nearby”.  Most of my reading is done from those streams.  It gives me a nice diverse set of readings.

I thought that I had it all.

Recently, Google released a specific application just for Google +.  It has rendered the above to the category of “Old School”.  The new application delivers the content in a much more modern approach which I’ll call “New School”.

The format looks just like any typical high grade news reader instead of a web rendition playing out on the portable device.  I find that particularly attractive.  I am a big fan of doing different things when a new technology comes along.

Just select your stream from the list and you’re ready to go.

Sliding the whole screen to the right and you reveal the rest of the story.  All your notifications, access to your profile, and now the ability to create or join a hangout right from the iPad.

This is an incredible application.  It looks and feels “New School”.  If you’re a user of Google + on your iPad, you’ve got to get yourself a copy.

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