Google + – Old School and New School

I’ve got a Google + account and it’s a great source for interesting reading.  It is definitely nicely laid out when viewing the social network on my computer.  Sometimes, though, it’s nice to just take Google + for a portable read.  And there, the iPad serves up the content. For the longest time, I wasContinue reading “Google + – Old School and New School”

OTR Links 07/17/2012

4 Online Infographics Generators| The Committed Sardine Let’s face it, the infographics industry is exploding and now we’re seeing some new tools to help us easily create or generate simple infographics. Currently, infographics agencies charge between $2k and $5k to research, design and promote a fantastic infographic. tags: online infographics generators NBC-Microsoft Split Over MSNBC.comContinue reading “OTR Links 07/17/2012”