The Voice of Reason

In all the conversation today about the tentative agreement between OECTA and the Government of Ontario, there was a considered voice of reason in a post from Jamie Weir.  She entitled it “OECTA Deal“.

She has focused on the inevitable fallout when one labour unit has reached an agreement while others haven’t.  As I blogged myself, this really paints the others into a corner.

Quite frankly, I was trying to think about how to word this post but I would defer to the sentiments of this “younger teacher” (and I don’t use the term in a demeaning manner, Jamie).  She has legitimate concerns but is quite correct in her thoughts that comments should not be directed towards the teachers in that federation.

This discussion will unfold, to be sure.  There is anger, no doubt.  But, where should the anger be directed?  I would suggest that it’s at a process circumvented.

I originally was going to see if I could include a live Twitter stream based on a hashtag but  I wouldn’t want to include some of the venom that I’m seeing accidentally by including it live.  It’s also difficult to do a screen capture.  I’ll just direct you to search terms and you can pick your poison.

Those that aren’t taking it there are going through major news sources.

These two media sources aren’t allowing comments on their stories.

These are just random picks of major Ontario newspapers; you can pick your own.

It would sure be nice if people read Jamie’s post before unloading.

2 thoughts on “The Voice of Reason

  1. Doug, thanks so much for this! I struggled with Jamie’s post a little. I agree that the vitriol was nasty, and the teacher-to-teacher stuff really frustrated me, even more than the usual troll-like comments on the newspaper sites (I can’t even read those). I was shocked by the tweets that came out of @OECTAprovincial.

    I think you hit the nail on the head in your previous post when you talked about everybody, but everybody having a teacher to hate, and us being an easy target. The media is demonizing ETFO (see the dis that Cohn lays on Sam Hammond today) for asking for a fair, negotiated process, and for asking to cut the fat. OECTA is getting a halo for wanting to get rid of those pesky P.D days (see Heather Malick, yesterday)? I feel like, with this deal, there is no chance for fair, negotiated process for any of us.

    Am I angry? Darned right! At my Catholic colleagues? No! At their leadership, for being willing to “lead the way” into this mess? You betcha! At Premier Dad, for making like he’s still the education premier? You have no idea!

    Thank you for the opportunity to vent my spleen, politely.


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lisa. Yes, I did read Ms. Malick’s writing yesterday. It’s good to know that she’s living in a perfect world and we’re not.

    I can’t help but think that if this is the best deal that’s available, would it be received any better if all of the federations got it at the same time and announced it in a joint press conference.


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