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8 Weeks to Web 2.0

Do you want to learn about Web 2.0 this summer?

Probably not, right?  You know all about it and that’s why you’re reading this blog.  You’ve got it nailed.

But, you probably know or work with someone who needs to be brought up to speed on what this is all about.  Maybe you’re tired of explaining once again the value of connections and publishing to the web.  Or, you’ve got a teaching partner that you’d like to prep for projects for the fall.

You know that it’s pretty tough to get up to speed with a one or two hour workshop over the summer.  A couple years back, I used to run a mini-course for educators called “An Introduction to Web 2.0”.

For a bigger reach, I took the various topics and put them together in an online, self-paced course.  Consisting of eight sessions, I took into the fact that most teachers have tonnes of things to do over the summer but could perhaps devote some time every week for a little online learning.  Hence the name “8 Weeks to Web 2.0”.

So, if you start the first of July and devote a little time each week, you should be good to go for September!

Now, we know this can’t possibly be all-inclusive, but I think it’s a darn good start towards learning, understanding, and hopefully applying some of the important tools available on today’s web.


  • Week 1 – Upgrade Your Web Browser
  • Week 2 – Get a New Email Account
  • Week 3  – Get a Delicious/Diigo Account
  • Week 4 – Get a Twitter Account
  • Week 5 – Read Some Blogs
  • Week 6 – Start Your Own Blog
  • Week 7 – Listen to Some Podcasts; Create Your Own
  • Week 8 – Exploration of Other Web 2.0 Functionality

The Cost?  – Free

Check it out and pass the link along to anyone you think might benefit from this resource.  It’s located on my Professional Development Wiki here.


3 responses to “8 Weeks to Web 2.0”

  1. Great work, Doug! I’ll be sure to pass this along to the staff at my school.


  2. As always, Doug, you never cease to amaze me. Will be using this with a co-worker as we take on our new roles as site-based technology coaches this fall (no, that’s not a paid position) :).


  3. […] 8 Weeks to Web 2.0 ( […]


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