8 Weeks to Web 2.0

Do you want to learn about Web 2.0 this summer? Probably not, right?  You know all about it and that’s why you’re reading this blog.  You’ve got it nailed. But, you probably know or work with someone who needs to be brought up to speed on what this is all about.  Maybe you’re tired of … Continue reading 8 Weeks to Web 2.0


OTR Links 07/03/2012

http://facebookforeducators.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Facebook-Edu-Guide.pdf Educators have traditionally helped parents teach young people about appropriate behavior  towards others. Now, with the explosion of social media, educators can be part of a larger  conversation with young people about digital citizenship and online behavior. We will discuss  more about what digital citizenship means in Section 4.  As educators you can instruct … Continue reading OTR Links 07/03/2012