Sometimes, you just need to blog so that you don’t lose the moment.

With the Canada Day fireworks at Fort Malden last night, I was really taken by the following infographic.

Until now, I thought that the fireworks were called “ooooh” and “aaaah”.  I didn’t know that they had names like “Willow” and “Peony”.  So, it’s offered as something to remember from last night and something to think about as the US fourth of July events are in the offing.  One of the advantages to living near the international border is being able to see firework shows all week long!

Thanks to for this.



The only thing that’s missing is the infamous “Burning Schoolhouse” from the home fireworks kit.  I wonder, in the days of monster fireworks shows, how many kids will miss out on this classic.



Probably just as well…


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