OTR Links 06/30/2012

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

5 thoughts on “OTR Links 06/30/2012

  1. hey Doug,great list of curation tools and I have to say I use most of some. I settled on Evernote as my long-term storage of choice, particularly given the integration was chrome extension which allows you to search your Evernote account at the same time. Evernote also allows you to share access to individual notes or notebooks depending on your preference.

    For social sharing of useful bookmarks Pearltrees are superb. You might like to check out mine for an example: http://pear.ly/HCsL
    The Pearltrees app for the iPad is well put together and I often use preferentially when moving things around from my “drop zone”.


    1. Thank you, sir. Evernote is one of my favourites for all the reasons that you list plus it’s “instant on” across platforms as opposed to the feature-rich word processing documents. I have a great deal of things linked to my account through IFTTT.


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