#140edu 2012

As requested by Jeff Pulver…

Looking for your help – please help me invite educators to #140edu

I am reaching out to the greater #140conf community and I am asking for a favor…I need your help to invite educators to join us at #140edu (http://140edu.com) taking place July 31 – August 1 in New York City at the 92nd Street Y.

I would greatly appreciated it if you could take a moment and forward this email to your friends involved in education. Please also include any friends who are parents who live in the metro NYC / NJ / CT area.

With the support of Chris Lehmann, Principal, Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia we are putting on our 2nd event to take on an issue of our generation…Education

Thanks to the #140conf community, I was able to curate what I believe will be a great two day conference. You can review the schedule over at: http://140edu.com/schedule.

Our event is unique and will be exploring how the real-time web is effecting education and a chance to catch up with some of the educators who are leading the charge and bringing change to education.

My challenge now is to do everything I can to make sure as many people as possible who have a vested interest in the future of education become aware of this conference.

This is where you come in. With your help, I believe anything becomes possible.

The event pricing is optimized to bring together educators, students, parents and the education industry. The cost to attend this two-day conference for educators is only $1.40; students $14 Parents $14; and for vendors in the education industry $140. To register, please visit: http://140edu.com/register

My hope is to bring together the most diverse community of people who are passionate about the state of education.

If you have a vested interest in the future of education, please make it a point to join us at the conference.

Hugs, Jeff


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