Me, and Edgar Allan Poe

I can always use a hand when I write blog posts.  Usually, I don’t get any and you’re stuck reading what I can manage to scrape together.

But now, I can get a little famous help.

Google Docs now has an experimental “Master’s Edition”.  It’s one thing to collaborate with Fred down the street, a group of students, planners for a project, collaborators for work, but now you can get to write with one of the greats.

The “Master’s Edition” lets you work with

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • William Shakespeare
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Charles Dickins
  • Edgar Allan Poe

Head over to this page.  You’re dumped into a new Google Word Processing document with the above six as collaborators.

Start your document.  When you finish a sentence to pause for a thought…your collaborators kick in for inspiration.

It’s going to take some time to master this, I see.  In the meantime, it’s just fun to work with the team!

What’s next Google?

A spreadsheet with a famous mathematician?

The ultimate presentation from a famous TED talker?

Have fun!

One thought on “Me, and Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Good morning, Doug!
    This find of yours was just too good to pass up. I was on my iPad in an instant, and shortly thereafter I was sitting in front of my computer, doing a screen capture as I wrote. I’ve posted a response: “Create with the Great”.

    It will be interesting to see where this goes. I gather it’s currently an experiment on the part of Google. Maybe a bit of a step up from Weizenbaum’s Eliza at MIT in the 60s?


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