About Chris Brogan’s Blogging Primer

Chris Brogan recently blogged about a “Primer for Blogging“.  He argued the case for blogging and as I read down his list, I found myself physically nodding in approval to his advice.  

Then, I hit #15.  “My best (most popular) posts were the ones I spent the least time writing.”

I wonder….

I pulled up the analytics from my own blog.  I know that there are some days where I get a lot of readers and there are some other days, not so much.  There sure is one post that noticeably stands out.  Right?

Good grief!  What happened on that day?

In addition to my sharing of my reading from that day (OTR Links), there was one post – “Digital Citizenship Posters“.

It was a post that I had put together about Edmodo making freely available some posters.  I talked about their work and made a suggestion that creating similar posters in the classroom would be a great student activity.  The message sure seemed to be popular with 360 hits.  As I look back on it, it certainly wasn’t a post that took a great deal of time to write.

Then, I look forward to the lowest number of visitors on June 8.  Besides OTR Links, the topic was “This Week in Ontario Edublogs“.  This post definitely takes a lot more time to produce.  First, there’s all the reading of great Ontario blogging content that I do – whittle it down to one from each group – write and reflect on that post.  That’s a big, big time commitment.

So…maybe he’s on to something.

3 thoughts on “About Chris Brogan’s Blogging Primer

  1. I saved that post/primer to read later too, Doug. Glad to find your reflection on it. I have a few posts that I wrote in a much quicker time that did circulate a bit more, but I don’t use it as much of a “measure” really. I would like to think that we blog for ourselves/personal growth, but it makes sense to think about our efforts vs. readership/reception too. Always good to have something that helps us reassess how/why we blog….

    PS I appreciate your This Week….blogs 🙂


  2. Thanks, Sheila. I certainly don’t blog for the numbers or would have packed it in a long time ago. I’ll never make this honour roll – http://pinterest.com/pin/88664686384313772/ – but that’s OK – I know many of them monetize what they’re doing there. I’ve always written whether it’s blog, web, or newsletter to help me firm up my thoughts. If anyone else finds it of value, then that’s a bonus.

    Thanks for your comments about This Week. Ontario Edubloggers have got a great voice but can get lost in the crowd. I use it as an opportunity to help promote the awesome things that are happening. I’m pleased that your content is a regular!


  3. oh, that honour roll :). Saw that yesterday and I did notice that you weren’t there. Yah, can be lots of crowds to manage at times….requires us to find/be aware what is authentic and meaningful, I guess, more and more. Just like real life, I guess 🙂


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