What You Probably Missed If You Don’t Run Ubuntu

There’s nothing that says "personalized" like having your own unique desktop wallpaper.  If you run Windows or the Macintosh OS, there is a small collection that comes with installation.  Some people will take pictures of family and put it on your computer and use that.

That’s OK, but…

When you think that you’re talking about an operating system contributed to and driven by some of the most talented folks on the planet, it should come as no surprise that some incredible digital artists and photographers contribute or otherwise make their efforts available – free, of course – to the Ubuntu community.

In a standard installation package, there is a nice collection to choose from.  They’re considered the best of the best but certainly, there are other places to get incredible imagery.

A couple of exemplary sites for images are:

My very first Ubuntu desktop image came in release 9.04.  It’s called the Firefox Nebula.

It actually was the desktop wallpaper for a long time, surviving various updates to my computer system – unitl 11.10 came along.  There was one image there that really caught my fancy.

It’s a picture of Dybbølsbro Station in Copenhagen.  I think that what intrigued me about this, or any great artwork, is that I can look at it many times and still see something unique in it.  This background survived the upgrade to 12.04.  I just really like the image.

If you’re looking to spruce up your desktop, no matter what operating system you use, don’t limit yourself to what came with the computer.  Take a look around, including the links above, and you just might find something beautiful for inspiration or just plain decoration!

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