The Tip of the Iceberg

There were two things that I was looking forward to playing around with today.  One was my Google Drive account.  Sadly, when I tried, I got this message…


Sad frowny face. 😦  But, Google has given me the opportunity to find out when it is.  Sort of smiley face.  Winking smile


The other thing I wanted to do was to explore the Professor Garfield series.  The Anti-Bullying application is but one in a series.  There’s also

I really liked the comic interrupted by learning activity and wanted to check out the others in the series.  I was not disappointed.

Photo 2012-04-24 7 44 52 PM

If you liked one, you’ll like the entire series.  I think that if I had access to one or two iPads or more in the classroom, that I’d certainly be using these applications in a media awareness centre.  They work well as a standalone application but I can just see the excitement and the discussion when you pair up a number of students learning together around a single unit.

Intrigued?  Go and download the series – they’re free – and check them out.


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