This Week in Ontario Edublogs

From Consultants and SATs
@techie_ang says she gets asked this question regularly.


I think this is a question that should absolutely be asked of anyone who brings technology into the language classroom.

And, the teacher should be able to answer the question without hesitation

Read Angela’s well thought through response in this blog entry.   Could you respond in the same way?


From K-12 Teachers
You’ve just got to know that I’m a fan of anyone who uses Dropbox for good use in the classroom.


Read how Kyle Pearce uses it with his classes.  He has a 1:1 iPad classroom at the secondary school level.  Significant file transfers are necessary and this is his solution.  I can’t think of a better tool.


From Principals, VPs, and Administrators
It’s almost a scary question to ask.  What’s in that backpack?

Drive by or drop in to any secondary school and you’ll see that it’s a home away from home.


Lisa Neale uses this as a prelude to asking some questions about BYOD.

If you are considering such an approach to your classroom or district (and you had better be…), Lisa provides a very nicely covered discussion about the topic.  She appears to have all the angles covered at least with questions.  I would offer a question back – do we absolutely need all of the answers before going forward?


Trustees, Higher Education
I’m going to call my own number on this category this week.

I tried and immediately saw all kinds of use for InstaGrok and shared my experiences Researching Potato Bugs!


I really hope that readers of my blog read and tried out this search engine especially built for educational research.  It’s a real winner.

If nothing else, the wonder wheel as graphic organizer makes a triumphant return!


Parent/School Advocate
If you’re a parent and want to worth WITH your school, then this was the episode of Parents as Partners for you.  If you missed it, a recording is online and you can play it back at your leisure.


It might make for a great link in your school’s next monthly newsletter or on the school wiki / blog.

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