My New Pinterest Friend

My experiment in using Pinterest has become just a bit of a morning routine/obsession.  I like using Zite as a collector of new and serendipitous stories which I ultimately pin to a Pinterest board that I call “Stories I’ve Zited“.  In the beginning, I wondered if I wasn’t just building a redundant layer but having the stories bookmarked along with an image to jog my memory when I need to find something.

The process is pretty easy; I read the story or resource and if I want to tuck it away for later reference, I pin it to the board.

Pinterest looks for an image or movie on the webpage to serve as the visual.

But what happens when an image or movie isn’t found?  For example, @SheilaSpeaking sent me a link to the director’s blog at Lakehead Public Schools.  To pin it, I click the “Pin It” bookmark and get:

Rats.  It’s a good comment on the director’s thoughts about standardized testing.  Not only that, but it’s a great example of how a director of education can use a blog to reach the public on important matters.  I really want to pin this piece.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be out of luck.  But, no longer.  I’ve discovered Pinstamatic!  Like Pinterest, I have just created a bookmark to use.  Now, when I get a site like the above that the Pinterest bookmarklet chokes on, I’ll use Pinstamatic.  It takes a bit longer but what it does is render a thumbnail image of the page and uses THAT as the image to bookmark.

So, back to the director’s page where I stuck out before, I send the page to Pinstamatic and it smoothly responds with:

Click on Pin It and the deed is done.  This entry is pinned nicely on my board.

This look like a real technique saver.  If you’re a Pinterest user, give it a shot and see what you think.


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