The Day Before EdCamp

I had a really spectacular opportunity today.  When I read about EdCampWR, I knew that I’d like to come and join some friends from around the province.  So, I let my friend @Gill_Ville know that I was interested.  Her response was – of course you’re going to come down a day early and say hi to the Gill_Villeans – I had met them previously.  And why wouldn’t I?  It is a well connected classroom.

Then a little later, another friend from Essex County asked if I’d heard about EdCampWR.  We had a chat about me going and she wondered if she could do a little self-directed PD herself.  When she heard that I was going to Cambridge a day early, she wondered about the logistics of going herself and bringing home some ideas and inspiration.  Then she asked another friend and before you know it, @margsang and @debbdh and I were headed east on the 401.

We got a tour of the beautiful Ryerson Public School but things were better than that.  We had a chance to interact with the Gill_Villeans who would be part of the show tomorrow, showing off their work and efforts.  This was a planned event / dry run so that there would be no nerves when the place is filled with Ontario Educators.  In addition to us, various classes had a chance to come to the computers and see what would be on display on Saturday.  We saw some of the projects that had been so much of their educational lives.






Prominently posted to go along with all of this work is a reminder of digital citizenship.  We were told that there is no one specific lesson on digital citizenship.  Instead concepts are introduced and reinforced with every online activity.  I really like that approach.

And, finally…lest you think the whole day is going to be about technology, even the best technology user needs a snack.  As part of their program, the group has done some baking and there are all kinds of good looking snacks waiting to be consumed tomorrow.

It’s going to be a great day tomorrow.



  1. […] On Saturday, March 31st most of the students in Gill-Ville attended Edcamp Waterloo Region, our areas first ever edcamp! The students were involved in a technology showcase session where they each presented a project or tech tool to other students in the session and teachers that were attending the event. The Gill-Villeans represented us very well and impressed educators from eleven different school boards across Ontario. It is safe to say that they stole the show! If you are a Twitter user you can check out the #edcampwr hash tag to see what educators are saying about our students and event. Our students shared social media sites such as Twitter, Edmodo, and blogging. Some students shared iPad apps and multimedia projects like our Pan-Canada ePub project. The Gill-Villeans rose to the challenge and inspired educators to learn and try new technology tools. You can learn more about our class showcase sharing by reading a blog post written by a well known Ontario Edublogger, Doug Peterson, who came to see us the day before and wrote all about us! […]


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