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If you’re fortunate enough to have access to YouTube in your school, you know that you’ve got access to many, many videos that can certainly engage, excite, and motivate the students in your class.  The biggest challenge is finding videos that are worthwhile and suitable for your specific purpose.  There are so many great resources but there are some that just don’t make it.

Finding these resources are easier with the advent of the YouTube Education Channel.  There is no doubt that there is a great deal of content there as I’ve written about earlier in this blog.  But, how about the really, really, really good stuff.  TEDx good.

Even looking through the TEDx resource looking for the best can be tedious.  Good tedious, to be sure, because you’ll see such great content.

Now, there’s another alternative.  TED has a TEDEducation channel on YouTube.

This channel provides access to some of the very best.  At present, there are five categories:  Awesome Nature, How Things Work, Playing with Language, Questions No One (Yet) Knows the Answer To, and Inventions That Shaped History.  In these categories, as they sit, you’ll see some of the very best educational videos of quality.

As with any video that you’ll find on YouTube, the related videos can be a terrific launching pad to more great content.

You won’t find at 22 second quickies here.  It’s the content that we’ve come accustomed to with TEDx videos but specially curated for education.  If you have access to YouTube, you need to take a good long look at what’s available.

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