Alltop Goes Mobile

Part of my morning reading routine takes me to my Alltop page.  It’s been a great source of resources, serendipity, and my primary RSS feed.

I started using Alltop like most people, I suspect, just wandering around and pulling in resources as they struck my fancy.

I was very excited when they introduced the concept of a MyAlltop page and jumped on it.  As I look now, that was way back in 2009.  It was a chance to put together a resource for reading and it did the job very nicely.  Since the day that I first created it, my Alltop page has been one of the starting tabs in my browser.  For the longest time, that’s where I did my reading.  Then, with the advent of Zite on the iPad, I wanted to access my resources from there.  Since Alltop is on the web, it was a snap to open the resource in a web browser.  Here’s today’s content from my Dolphin Browser.


Photo 2012-03-27 7 46 39 PM


This week, though, it became a great deal better.  Alltop released an iPad application.  I was all over it right away.


Photo 2012-03-27 7 45 47 PM


The content is the same but you’ll notice that it’s considerably more readable and uses the iPad screen real estate considerably better than in the browser.  Tapping on a story opens an introduction to the story and you have the option to head to the full story if you are so inclined.  As with any good news browser, of course you have the ability to share to Twitter, Facebook or Email.

You’re not limited to just your reading.  Bookmark your favourites or see what’s popular will just let you while away the hours reading the great content that’s posted to the web daily.

If you’ve never used Alltop before, I would encourage you to at least go to the web site and see the power of the site.  Once you’re convinced, the next logical step would be to get the application for your iPad and enjoy it there.

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