Cloudy with a Chance of Office

Every now and again, my friend Janice and I meet at a Starbuck’s to solve all of the ills of the world.  Our biggest problem is getting someone to listen but that’s another story.  

We’ll grab a cup and sit in some comfy chairs and start with any number of topics.  In this case, we were talking about the best way to manage files on the iPad.  When you come from a DOS/Windows background like both of us and file structures are second nature, the concept of file sharing and managment is a little difficult to imagine a robust solution.

But, she thought that she had a solution.  Have you tried “Cloudon” she asked?  I hadn’t so it was a “tell me more, tell me more” moment.

It’s an interesting concept.  It’s quite obvious what the Cloud part is when you run it for the first time.  You’re logging into something that’s going to let you work with modern versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  The File Menu is not accessible but the parts of Powerpoint that I use regularly are all available.  So far so good.  I’m thinking that creating a Powerpoint Presentation from scratch would be very tedious in this manner but it gets better.

Key to this program is that you connect your Dropbox to the the application.  So, I connect it and I know that I have a 10MB presentation in there.  I locate the presentation and it loads very nicely into the editor.  From here, I’m able to edit and refine the work.  Very nice.

From the Slideshow menu, I’m running the presentation as it was intended.  Very impressed now.  Connect the iPad to a data projector and I’m envisioning a really portable presentation solution.

It only takes a few minutes and I’ve tested out the functionality of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  Very sweet.  I can see why Janice liked the application.  I play around for a while and I can see all kinds of use for this.  With the ability to store files in Dropbox, I have the file management concepts that I was missing.  As long as I’m in the cloud, I’m good to go.

I see doing the editing on a regular computer or on the iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and then firing it up to Dropbox for storage and sharing.  The possibilities of making this portable and part of the editing/presenting cycle is intriguing.

This is a real keeper.  Thanks, Janice.

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