Storify Goes Back to First Grade

I think it’s really motivational when someone takes a tool and puts a new spin to it.  It was after the fact, and I’m sorry that I missed it, but Aviva Dunsiger showed what could be done with Storify today.  In a educational world where blogging may be passe or if you’re looking to share things up, she took her class to Twitter.

The topic was #communities2012 and #fairytales2012.  Using her teacher account, because she doesn’t want her youngsters using the service, they twittered out their messages about their communities and favourite fairy tale lines.

It’s one thing to do the activity but quite another to archive it for later reference and analysis by the students, colleagues, and parents.  This is where she turned to Storify.  After the event, she assembled the entire event into a Storify page.  That way, she keeps it around as long as she wants!

You can check out the Storify page here.

What an interesting way to reach out, engage her students, perform for an audience, and finally pull it all together.  I think that it’s a great use for the technology.  Kudos, Aviva.

As with all things like this, it works best when people know about it.  I wish that I had known; I would have jumped in for a comment or two if I’d been available.  I like what happens when you follow #comments4kids and pay a little back.  There’s no reason why the same thing couldn’t happen here.


Later that night…

It turns out, after chatting with Aviva, that she’s going to run this activity all week.  It’s not too late to give her students a boost.  Send them a #communities2012 or #fairytales2012 message today!

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