A Comment to Live By

I ran into this comment on Twitter from Dr. Gary Stager this morning.  It’s a good one.

“Kids have remarkable gifts. Imagine if what they did with computers in schools was good or worthy of their creativity?”

I’m thinking of all the places where you should see the comment.

  • On the top of every handout or wiki page used for professional development activities;
  • The logo on the outfit of every professional developer (you do have professional development opportunities, don’t you);
  • Over the entrance way to every computer lab;
  • On the login screen to every educational computer;
  • On every piece of material that is sent home to parents;
  • On the top of every lesson plan that has students use computers;
  • At the beginning over every staff meeting;
  • In every pre-service teaching computer class;
  • At the beginning of every lesson in every AQ class…

I think the comment absolutely nails it.

Where else do you see the need to share it?

1 thought on “A Comment to Live By

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