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I have to blame my daughter on this one.  I got a message from her  “Dad, you need to download Draw Something” for the iPad.  So, I did – played a couple of rounds and I’m hooked.

The premise of the game is pretty simple.  You’re given three words from which to choose and they’re labelled “easy”, “medium” and “hard”.  Pick one of them and you’re presented with a blank screen.  At this point, your artistic abilities kick in.  You need to do your best to draw whichever you’ve chosen and then pass it along to your opponent who tries to guess what your drawing is from the eight letters you’re given.

So, in one of my current games, I’ve got the following choices and I’m pretty sure that I can draw a polkadot.  Hey, how hard could it be?

So, I summon all of my artistic ability (and it’s slim to none and Slim just left town)  Here’s my artistic impression of polkadot.

So, after I’ve played with the family, it’s time to get someone who’s as fanatical about gaming applications as I am.  It’s a quick invitation and Andy Forgrave has downloaded the app and is ready to go.

Now, I don’t hold a candle to Andy when it comes to the area of artistry.  It started with him always taking the hard drawings.  I’m not one to give up and so it took a while and I’m landing the hard ones.  He has raised the game play to new heights.  Instead of just drawing pictures, he’s got the ability to draw complete stories!  Usually, when I play, I can start tapping an answer but with Andy, you might as well wait until the drawing it done.  It’s really a piece of art and pretty sophisticated at that.

Below, you’ll see one of his great drawings and my pathetic attempts to solve it!

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When someone is attempting to solve your puzzle, you can see their attempts.  I was scrambling and when I do, I just randomly toss letters into place.  Andy was, er, good enough to capture the attempts.

The other thing that is unique about this game is the actual play.  Unlike most games where you play to beat your opponent, in this case, you very quickly don’t try defeat your opponent, you try to draw great pictures to help them succeed.  Each successful solution adds one to a collaborative counter and you want to make it go as high as you can.  I can tell you that it only goes to 99.  How’s that for obsessive?

Draw Something from OMGPOP comes in both a free and paid version, iOS and Android.  It is absolutely addictive.  Make sure that you’re ready to spend a great deal of time the more you get hooked!

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