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It was an active week adding people to the Ontario Edubloggers’ List.  There were four new additions added over what should have been March Break!  It’s nice to add them to the list.

You can always check out the latest at:

It should be noted that I have! configured to send a Twitter message with each new addition.  Check out the contributions to the Ontario collective that these folks are sharing.

Learning About Learning
I’ve “known” Donna Fry online for quite a while now.  I’ve “followed” her to her latest explorations on the north shore of Lake Superior and have always enjoyed her tweets about her commutes along the Trans-Canada highway.   In fact, she’s one of the great Thunder Bay embassadors with all its natural beauty.  The picture at the top of this blog was taken as the sun set over the lake

I had the opportunity to meet her face to face when I keynoted the North West eLearning Symposium.  In fact, she was really helpful in assisting me frame the content to meet the local needs.  Sitting with the group from North West Ontario, she is clearly a leader among leaders and now she’s sharing her insights with the rest of us via her blog.

A recent post had us considering how we teach Science.

She has some thoughts about how we’re doing things wrong in teaching science.  Interesting to read but I stepped away from the concept of science and focused on the notion of inquiry.  In that way, the post really could be applied towards any subject area.

Farmer’s Class
I’m sure that Richard Farmer gets all kinds of comments about the name of the blog teaching in a rural school district.  Having grown up and emigrating from that neck of the woods, I get it all the time too, but hey!  I was actually surprised when Richard entered his name into the form to get his blog listed.  He’s on my Twitter list of people I’ve met and I was surprised that his blog wasn’t already listed.  Perhaps the blog didn’t exist when I added him to the list.

His recent post had him reflecting on the use of technology at his school.  It was actually quite depressing to read about the lack of uptake by his colleagues.

I think he’s dead on with his concern about the use of iPads “superficially”.  But, and I think this is a big but, every expert teacher fumbles and fails as she learns.  I think that the concern of a slow start needs to be tempered with slow and continuous growth.  When there’s growth and enthusiasm, success is just around the corner.  I hope his colleagues take advantage of his generosity or of professional learning opportunities from the district to use the powerful technology in the classroom.  In the meantime, I hope that Richard never puts them away.  There’s so much that can be done.  If nobody else is using them, go for it!

Mrs. Swift’s Class Blog
Unlike the other two blogs which are educator written to the world, this is a classroom blog written to inform and engage parents.  Read the blog to see what’s happening.  Whether it’s a Dance-a-Thon, Skating, Adding 3 Digit Numbers or more, this blog services as a great example of how a classroom blog can used for that home and school communication connection.

If you’re a non-educator reading this blog, you need to volunteer to supervise a Grade 4 Dance-a-Thon.  The essence is certainly revealed in the writing of this entry.  You’ll never question a teacher salary again.

Inquiry-Based Learning
Louise Robitaille is doing what I think that all teachers involved with the Ministry’s TLLP (Teacher Learning and Leadership Program) should be doing.  She’s documenting and sharing her learning for anyone who cares to follow.

The latest entry talks about the inquiry and curiosity surrounding First Nation’s student education.  What a timely subject – certainly an important one for Canadian students – and a nice example of letting the students drive the learning.  This is going to be an interesting blog to follow.

Please take the time to check out the latest entries in our exclusive little club.  There’s some great content there.

And, if you’re an Ontario Edublogger, fill out the form at the LiveBinder site.  It would be great to have you added to the list and when Donna does another presentation at the Lakehead Faculty of Education, she’ll have even more great Ontario content to share.

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