The Importance of Flexibility

I think I was like many people today when we read about the demise of the printed version of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

It’s not like I supported them by buying the home edition but I think every school I ever attended or taught at had at least one copy.  It was just one of those things that you take for granted.  It’s a cornerstone.  But, now a cornerstone that will be going away.

Then, this evening, I read this story.

Now, other than trying it, I wasn’t a big AIM user.  But I know a lot who were.  Granted, they had moved on to other platforms and they were part of this problem.

So, what now?  What do you do if you were big users of these products?

If you’re a one trick pony, you’ve got a big problem.  If you’re an institution that is putting all of your eggs into one basket and that basket goes away, you’ve got a big problem multiplied by the number of users you’re leading.

But, if you’re a contemporary technology user, you know that you have options.  In fact, you may have been exercising them before today.  At the very least, you know someone who knows where to turn next.  You’re flexible and you’re moving with the flow. 

It’s a sad day when you think of Britannica and AIM going away.  I don’t think anyone like to see things fail but the true test will be in the recovery.

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