Always a Winner

It never fails that whenever I introduce Edison 4 to Ontario Educators that there are ooohs and aaahs at the keyboards as they manipulate the objects on the screen.  Licensed by the Ministry of Education for use in all publically funded Ontario Schools, so many expectations in science, physics, electricity and electronics can be addressed by manipulating screen objects.

To show the extraordinary connections to the Ontario Curriculum, the folks at OSAPAC have identified so many expectations that can be addressed by the software.  The list is quite impressive.  For example, in Grade 6:

  • design and build electrical circuits (e.g., series circuits and parallel circuits) and describe the function of their component parts (e.g., switches, power source);
  • build and test an electrical circuit that performs a useful function, and draw a diagram of it using appropriate electrical symbols;
  • construct series circuits (e.g., logical AND) and parallel circuits (e.g., logical OR) to control a device, and compare their characteristics;
  • design and construct an electrical system that operates a device in a controlled way (e.g., a switch provides a controlled input, and lamps, buzzers, or motors produce the output).

The complete list of ties to the Ontario Curriculum is available here.

So much can be handled in the program, safely, and without the expense of traditional components!

We always start with something simple like connecting a light bulb to a battery.


And, of course, we play like the typical Grade 6 students and connect a nine volt battery to blow the bulb a few times.  But, this leads us to experiment with a power supply to see exactly how much that bulb will take before it blows.  It also lets us learn about the repair tool to fix things.

Quickly, we’re able to introduce the concepts of switches which leads to logic and getting a sense of how gates work.


You’ve got to create an AND gate to truly understand the concepts and the truth tables behind it. 


It’s not long before you’re developing some pretty sophisticated circuits.

Edison 4 is an application that needs to be found in use everywhere.  It’s got all that you need – power, sophistication, kid-appeal, and free for Ontario Schools.  What more could you want.  Teacher takehome rights for lesson preparation are included.  Just ask your OESS rep for a copy.  Can’t wait?  You can download a demo copy of the program here.

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