Response to Spammers Again

Man, oh man.  It’s hard to believe the amount of spam that goes through a blog.  Fortunately, you never see it.  Akismet does a great job, now claiming to have blocked 136,842 attempted spam comments on this blog.  There’s a steady increase in activity as the chart below shows.

It’s hard to think that 2008 was the "good ol’ days" in blogging.  If the rise in 2011 is a trend, 2012 is going to be gruesome.  It’s only the beginning of March and we’ve surpassed 2010 already!  Wow.

But, there are some interesting comments that deserve a reply…

Well, thank you.  The designers of this WordPress theme will appreciate the compliment.

And I be benefited from your comments.

Yeah, it’s called your operating system.

I sure wish I knew what you were forced to try and do. 

So was Kilroy.

Well, thanky back to you.  With such positive feedieback, I’ll keep on blogging.

Thank goodness for spam detectors.  I can’t imagine having to clean up this nonsense manually.

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