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In case you missed it, here is a sampling of the great contents that appeared in Ontario Edublogs this week.  Check these out at the link provided or see the complete list at:

K-12 Teachers
The @TOBookClub was set up by Ms Solomon to bring together people who wish to read and discuss literature together.  It’s a great concept to bring like minds together.  Follow the TOBookClub account on Twitter to get involved. 


She’s even picked the first book for the club – Half-Blood Blues, if you’re interested in jumping in on this adventure.  Beyond adult readers, I’m wondering how that would work with students in different locations studying the same novel?

Trustees/Higher Education
I really like this concept.  How do you shake up a faculty at a College and give them a feel for what they’re colleagues are using in the classroom?  Alana Callan had a great idea.  Why not do a Minds on Media event?  Only, the title might appear to be a little too serious.  What to do?


How about calling it a Petting Zoo instead?  I think it’s a really cool name and who could run from a Professional Development event with a name like that?!  So, this gets the awareness part out of the way – the real test for success will be to see if it sinks in and changes practice.  The blog entry has some great pictures and the organizers have some big grins.  Lets hope that this starts a revolution.

Tim Slack has his school gone BYO#.  There appears to be no end the the technology that students and teachers are allowed to use in their classes.


This sounds like a great start.  Hopefully, the endeavour will continue to be successful and that great gains are achieved in the classrooms at his school.  The positive attitude of finding ways of using the technology in the classroom sounds great.  The only obstacle that he’s talking about are pedagogical – sounds like the technology part is seamless and out of the way.  That’s the way it should be.

Consultants and SATs
Well, Heather has an audience!  I wrote recently about Heather Durnin’s class experiment with internet radio.  This week, Colin Jagoe reported listening to TheHive over his lunch period.  It wasn’t just Colin though.  He notes that Kim Gill’s class was tweeting with the students during the broadcast.  In another part of the province, Aviva Dunsinger was doing some activities online with her Grade 1 class.  It’s got to make you feel good that students and teachers are using social media in innovative ways.


Colin finishes by asking the question – will the students remember this and will they use it to build a lifetime of learning?  I wonder… I would hazard a guess that the specific details of what they did probably won’t last a lifetime.  Technology and schools change so rapidly.  I think of my own situation.  I don’t really remember much about the technology or tools that my teachers used in school and yet I continue to learn every day.  What I *do* remember though, is the enthusiasm and love for the job that my best teachers have.  Hopefully, Ms. Gill, Mrs. Durnin, and Ms. Dunsinger are names that bring lifelong memories of positive things for these students long after the tools of today are forgotten and surpassed by something else.

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OTR Links 03/09/2012

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