The iPad Storify

Apparently, there was a big announcement from Apple yesterday.  Something was spewing information into my Twitter timeline.



Oh yeah – it’s announce the new iPad day.  Everyone, every news source seemed to want to jump on this horse and ride it.  Trending?  You bet.  There were specs, original iPads for sale, pictures, and virtually all kinds of humourists doing their best to make light of the situation.

As with most things in Twitter, they hit and then roll off – unless you capture it.  I’d been looking for an excuse to try out Storify on my iPad.  I thought that I would use it to collect some of the best humourous Twitter messages.  It worked really well.  I just fire up the app, give it a title, perform a search for iPad and when something tickles my fancy, I drag it across to the story that I’m building.


It was very easily created and had the feel of working with the web version.  I like it.  I can see using Storify at any event if you want to capture selected messages for good.  It’s a very well-done application.

And, if you want to see what I captured, check out the link here.



  1. Thanks for the kind post — if you link your blog on the Web to your account here, you can also embed the Storify story right in your blog!


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