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Well, that did indeed work.  I took Burt’s challenge to my post this morning and went back to the Storify story and found the link to post the entire story to the blog.  It was posted and now I’m back into the editor to add these remarks to it.  Thanks, Burt.

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    The new iPad will be called the new iPad! LOL
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    ipad1- Very old ipad
    ipad2- old ipad
    ipad3 – new ipad
    ipad4-future ipad
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    And the new iPad is officially called… dlvr.it/1HbvYr
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    dumb name they gave the ipad
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    RT @aral: New iPad preorder page: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable yfrog.com/o06xkp
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    The iPad HD is going to revolutionize the way you play pointless games while pooping.
    Mon, Mar 05 2012 19:56:08
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    I just fondled the new iPad you have to see this display to believe it.
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    owning an ipad is passe.
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 14:28:42
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    @henriguy Watch people come in and ask for the iPad 4G. #headdesk
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    RT @patr1ck: A soon to be common retail store conversation: “Hi, I’d like an iPad.” “Sure, do you want an iPad 2 or the new iPad?” “… What?”
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 14:28:42
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    I was joking at work yesterday about iPad 2S but it seems like that’s kinda what’s happening.
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 13:36:06
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    “@CNET: New iPad literally called the “new iPad” (photo) twitter.com/CNET/status/17…” this made me laugh!
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 14:28:41
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    #fixed RT @syvzwvn PADFONE >>>>>>>>>> the shitty new iPad.
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 14:28:41
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    The new iPad naming is like Star Wars Movies, 1st it was “the iPad”, then the “iPad2” and now the iPad the phantom menace #iConfused
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 14:30:53
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    What’s in a name? That which we call an iPad.
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 14:30:53
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    RT @BradStone: Just learned that new iPad 3 will include magical new technology that vaporizes $600 from your bank account.
    Wed, Mar 07 2012 14:31:14

The iPad Storify

Apparently, there was a big announcement from Apple yesterday.  Something was spewing information into my Twitter timeline.



Oh yeah – it’s announce the new iPad day.  Everyone, every news source seemed to want to jump on this horse and ride it.  Trending?  You bet.  There were specs, original iPads for sale, pictures, and virtually all kinds of humourists doing their best to make light of the situation.

As with most things in Twitter, they hit and then roll off – unless you capture it.  I’d been looking for an excuse to try out Storify on my iPad.  I thought that I would use it to collect some of the best humourous Twitter messages.  It worked really well.  I just fire up the app, give it a title, perform a search for iPad and when something tickles my fancy, I drag it across to the story that I’m building.


It was very easily created and had the feel of working with the web version.  I like it.  I can see using Storify at any event if you want to capture selected messages for good.  It’s a very well-done application.

And, if you want to see what I captured, check out the link here.

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