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Unless you have been asleep in social media, you can’t help be aware of the excitement, interest, and fascination with the Pinterest pinning service.  It certainly has taken the online world by storm and created a microcosm of its own.  One only has to do a Twitter search to realize this.

Go ahead – try it –!/search/pinterest

Let it sit for a second and you’ll find hundreds of points of discussion.  And it’s typically pretty interesting.  I found a few that really caught my attention today.

"A Lawyer Who Is Also A Photographer Just Deleted All Her Pinterest Boards Out Of Fear"- One of the interesting things making the rounds lately is some of the language in Pinterest’s Terms of Service.  This article explains the path taken by a lawyer after she has done some analysing of it.

"Scammers Hop On Social Media Darling Pinterest" – From Kaspersky Labs, they note that nothing succeeds in the online world until the scammers have tried to leverage it for their own purposes.  It’s an unsafe world online at times and you need to keep your wits about you as you follow links.

"10 Useful Pinterest WordPress Plugins" – Bloggers love to add functionality to get their words noticed and what better way than to add another tool to your instance of WordPress.  Now, in addition to Diigo, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, look for services to connect your blog to Pinterest.

"Peculiar Pig Art"- Pinterest is popular for people who wish to keep track of interesting images that they find.  The folks behind Angry Birds curate this pinboard of interesting pigs.  I confess to wasting hours on the game so anyway to get back at the pigs is worth a smile.

"Pingram" – If there’s one things that we’ve learned about going online, it’s that there are talented people taking a bit of this service and mashing it with a bit of that service.  Pinterest is so very popular but so is Instagram so a mashup of the two seems to be a natural!

For my pinning interests, I’ve been pinning the stories that I read from Zite every morning.  It started as just an experiment to try out the service.  You can see the results here.  The little experiment has been an interesting experience.  Unlike Diigo which has always been and continues to be my favourite place to collect stories, it does have an awesome presentation.  Each element pinned contains a link back to the original story.  I’m not using it to amass a collection of recipes or images or music; just an ongoing visual bookmarking service.

Sadly, though, despite all of my efforts, I’ve been unable to automate the process.  It would be nice to send the results directly from Zite to Pinterest or to use IFTTT to take something that I send to Twitter from Zite to Pinterest.  No such feature exists – yet anyway.  I did have an email exchange with a representative from IFTTT and got an explanation from them as to why it’s not available.  There are lots of recipes involving Pinterest but they all go the wrong way – from Pinterest to other services typically by reading the RSS feed.  Not what I need.

I’m finding my time learning the ins and outs of Pinterest very interesting and look forward to watching the service mature.  Perhaps an automation posting (responsibly, of course and not content scraping) will become available.  Perhaps Pinterest will have their lawyers modify the Terms of Service so that concerns can be addressed.  Perhaps we’ll see more mashups.  Perhaps Pinterest will work to thwart scammers like Twitter did with to make it a safe place.

Twitter is alive with discussions.  In the short time that it took to write this blog post, over 1200 new messages about Pinterest have been posted.  I’ll look forward to skimming some of them in search of more Pinteresting things to read.

But, most of all — keep those pigs coming!

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