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A while back, I read an article that someone had posted bemoaning the fact that the big keynote speakers were going around talking about the change that’s necessary in schools with no sense of what reality is or how it could play out in the classroom. 

Starting with this issue of Professionally Speaking, the magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers, that’s about to change.

Those of us who pay dues to the College of Teachers receive a paper copy of the magazine but there’s also an electronic version for the masses to enjoy.

The latest issue launches a new column called "Tech Class" and kicks off by highlighting four Ontario Educators and some of the areas of innovation from their classroom.  Recognized in this inaugural column are Danika Barker, Kent Manning, Mali Bickley, and Charles Corradini. 

In the column, discover concept grasping, mayhem, social issues, and how to engage without taking notes.  And, all done with real Ontario teachers using commonly available technology tools!  In other words, the concepts should be easily replicable.

To quote the journal, "Every issue, we will show you how a real teacher is using technology to enhance learning in his or her classroom — along with practical, step-by-step instructions should you wish to do the same."

This should be an exciting column highlighting some of the cutting edge classrooms throughout the province.  I’m looking forward to future editions.

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