Did YOU create primary sources this week?

This was the best poster that I’ve seen for a long time.  It was on the wall at the North Carolina Museum of History.  I would normally have missed it because it was on the inside wall of an exhibit that I was touring.  The exhibit was “History in Every Direction: Tar Heel Junior Historian Association Discovery Gallery”.

I grabbed my phone and snagged a copy of the poster.

The poster starts with “What if”…

  • the Lost Colonists had blogged?
  • Wilbur and Orville Wright had Tweeted?
  • Blackbeard had created a Facebook page?

… and finishes with some suggestions.

I’m thinking of my Teacher-Librarians friends who are on the leading edge of teaching students how to search and find the truth.  I’m thinking of all of my teacher friends who are working to have students using cutting edge technologies.

Wouldn’t this or something similar or more personalized be worthy of a significant place on your Learning Commons or 21st Century Classroom?

I really like the red start in the bottom corner “What might help a future historian discover your story?”  I think it pulls it all together nicely.

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3 thoughts on “Did YOU create primary sources this week?

  1. Doug, please send me an e-mail address that I can respond to your FC message. It keeps getting rejected my your mail server. Tried removing the links and still is rejected. Thanks, Paula


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