The Chomp Application

OK, confession time here.  I had never heard of this application until I read a story that indicated that Apple had acquired it, reportedly for $50Million.  I was curious at a number of levels.

  • What makes an application worth $50Million?
  • Why would Apple buy it?
  • Now that Apple bought it, would it go away?
  • and — what does it do?

So, I decided to see if I could still get it.  After all, some of the reasons why a company acquires another is to either build on it or take it away because it’s too close a competitor.  I was pleased to see that it was still available on the Apple Store so I grabbed it and installed.  What better way to figure out just what it does.

I fire it up and it looks immediately interesting.

Chomp’s purpose is to help you navigate your way through mobile applications for the iPod, iPad, and Android devices.  By itself, the web access is interesting.  Tell Chomp what kind of application you’re looking for and it makes suggestions.  So, I’m a big fan of word games.  What would it recommend?

The first results is an unweidly 3,384 titles.  But, it got the top three right (at least in my books).  My daily favourites: Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, and Scramble with Friends.  This will be a very useful find.  Next step is to poke around on the applications.

The title “all time greats” has me hooked.  What have I missed?  Here are Chomp’s Top 10.

  • Facebook – got it
  • Instagram – got it
  • Pandora Radio – don’t have it
  • Bible – don’t have it
  • Google Earth – got it
  • Shazam – got it
  • Google Search – don’t have it
  • Movies by Flixster – don’t have it
  • Angry Birds – got it
  • Skype – got it

I look back at what I don’t have and recognize that I either have alternatives to them or they aren’t available in Canada.

I’m 6 out of 10 with the top recommendations.  Curious, I peek at #11 “Zombie Farm”.  I just have to try that.

This could be a very interesting application to keep around.  I already have AppStart installed.  It never hurts to have a second opinion.  Are you curious?  You may want to download and install while it’s still available.


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