If you knew there would be a test…

…you would study, right?

OK, here’s a chance to redeem yourself.  Testing appears at the bottom

Spinning off the post from yesterday, let me show you some of the interesting things that you’ll find in Essex County courtesy of FlashEarth.

Ford Logo
As posted yesterday, Ford Motor Company keeps this beautiful logo available but it’s only viewable from a geographic program or presumably an airplane/helicopter.  I can’t verify the latter!

Ambassador Bridge
The Ambassador Bridge is an incredibly busy US / Canada border crossing.  A constant stream of trucks going in both directions is a strong indicator of the huge volume of trade between the two countries.

Point Pelee National Park and the Tip at Point Pelee
This is one of my favourite places to go for a little relaxation and back to nature.  It’s a fantastic gathering place for butterflies, birds, and birders and located just outside Leamington.

Windsor Airport
The airport does international holiday travel but the biggest source of flights are from Air Canada and Porter bearing east to Toronto and west via Westjet.

Chemical Plant
Located on the outskirts of the town of Amherstburg, you’ll find this bright blue pond.  It’s the only shade of blue that you’ll see by browsing the maps and you just can’t see it from the road.

Pelee Island
The southern most part of Canada – you can’t drive there although you can take your car or preferably your bicycles over to this beautiful island via the ferry that leaves from either Leamington or Kingsville.  Notice the tip at Point Pelee in the top right corner.

OK, now how much of this post did you remember?  I could go through and create a test manually, but I discovered the ClueApp.  It calls itself “A fun and easy way to test what people remember on your website”.  So, here’s the deal.  Instead of reading and moving on (or commenting if you’re kind), I’m going to send this post to the ClueApp.

ClueApp will then analyze the webpage and ask you what you remembered.  It will be interesting to see how you make out.

Now, it’s not an application that I would use all the time but, in a class, if you’re asking students to read an article, this would be a very quick and easy way to do a diagnostic and determine just what they’re reading when they’re supposed to be reading.

Endnote: There’s a bit of logistics behind this.  As you probably know, I write these blog posts in the evening and schedule them for 5am.  So, the ClueApp won’t actually get a chance to read it until then.  Hopefully, I won’t sleep in tomorrow and can have the link to the test active when you drop by.  If it’s not active, please come back and try it.

So, here’s the link to your test.

How did you make out?

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