Showcasing Talent

I really like it when an idea takes off.  I also like it when students find a way to showcase their talents and abilities.  There was a convergence of these recently.

Without a doubt, the best takeaway for me from the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia was a chance to meet Yoon Soo Lim (@doremigirl) in person.  It’s one thing to have a friendship courtesy of social media but being able to meet that person face to face certainly puts it over the top.  Since our original meeting there, we have managed to stay in touch.

Recently, we were chatting about our kids and one of the things that came across was the love for creating comics that her son had developed.  It was more than just the type of comic that we see created via electronic media; he drew them by hand.  That makes it extra special.  In our discussion, I threw out the concept of making his artwork public.  He could scan the content and share it with the world via his own blog.

In the back of my mind, I’m thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool if his works somehow fell into the right hands and he gets some recognition from it?”  Shouldn’t that be the way to get it done in today’s world?  And, just to make it easy for anyone to potentially use it, why not license it with an appropriate Creative Commons license?

It was at that point that life moved on.

By coincidence, I just happened to think about it today while out walking the dog.  The whole concept had sort of slipped into the background.  It all came back when I received a mentioned tweet.

I just had to check it out.  His newly created blog appears here.  It looks like he’s done everything right.

A nice simple presentation.  Even before I read his first comic, I noticed that he has a very appropriate license attached.  Expanded, he’s allowing the following.

I like that he’s willing to share the content and also allow someone to use it commercially if they like – as long as he gets the attribution.  That would allow a newspaper or magazine looking for content to use his works provided that it’s not altered.

So, here’s his first cartoon.

J2LCOMICS by J.Lim is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Who knows where this may head?  With his mom’s help, he’s putting his talent right out in the open.  All that it takes is for someone to sit up and take notice.  Wouldn’t that be cool if he’s able to have the discipline to produce content regularly?  Any publishers out there looking for content?

I’m sure that he’s learned a great deal about copyright in the year 2012 in setting this up.  I really hope something good happens from this.  In the meantime, we’ll all have the enjoyment of watching his skills mature.  Way to go, Joshua!

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