Drawing the Internet

Now, this is a cool project.

Can You Draw the Internet?

It’s a show described on the site as:

“After a wildly successful campaign for Internet Week Europe, UK-based digital agency Saint is partnering with ArtWeLove, Deviant Art, The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and The NYC Department of Education to bring Can You Draw the Internet? to Internet Week NY.”

As you visit the site, you get the opportunity to visit people’s edits of what the internet looks like / means to them.  There are some very good digital drawings, there are some amateurish ones, and there are some really interesting interpretative drawings.

I spent a great deal of time (and if you know of my very slow internet access, you’ll appreciate the “great deal of time” part) going through the displays.  For each, you can blow up the thumbnail to see the actual size of the drawing.  There are some that I get right away and there are some that take a little time.  Then, there are some that quite frankly, I just don’t get.

However, I do have a favourite at this time.  The copyright on the site and the related images is unclear so I will err on the side of caution and just provide you a link to my current favourite.  There’s no formal title on the picture but the link takes us to “headless-chicken”.  You’ll appreciate artwork and if you understand HTML, you’ll fully appreciate the entry.  You’ll find it here.

Check out all of the entries at:  http://www.canyoudrawtheinternet.com/

After a particularly slow internet day, I decided to create one of my own to reflect my view of the internet today.

My feelings run between “sad” and “pathetic”!

Check out the site for some really interesting artwork.  It might be a very interesting activity with students – first to interpret the artwork and secondly to create students’ own view of the internet.


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