And this is why I read Zite.

And this is why I share.

And this is why I say that I’m constantly learning.

This morning, I stumbled across a little post from Miguel Guhlin.  I read his stuff thoroughly.  I’ve learned so much, particularly about Educational Leadership from his efforts.  When he showed up in my feed, I did a read, figured that I’d share it, and then bookmarked it for serious personal study later on.

I do monitor the activity surrounding my twitter messages (actually do so in Evernote…) and this message was well retweeted and favourited today.  The most recent message talks about someone using Miguel’s instructions immediately.

I also spent some time playing around with it and am thinking of ways that I can use it myself.  The technique certainly could be accomplished using other means, but if Evernote is your “universal app“, it’s worthwhile adding this learning to your toolkit.

Big props to Miguel.  If you haven’t read his original post, check it out here.


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