OTF Connects

I’m getting a chance to get this blog post started before the OTF Connects session tonight.  I’m at a new location so needed to be here early to make sure that my gear all gets connected.  Here’s a picture of my setup…

As I look at all the “stuff”, I think I’m hanging around @aforgrave too much.  Andy never shows up without a bag full of technology wherever he goes!

Due to the poor, and I mean really poor, Internet quality service that I have at home, I have to mooch off my daughter’s internet for the evening.  A Speedtest shows really good specifications at this time.  Certainly much better than mine where I was unable to even log in to my email to confirm the start time!

It’s going to cost me a pizza or two but it seems like the only alternative at this point.

In the setup, you’ll note that I have my PC to run the session, my Macintosh to monitor the session and, of course, my iPad with my notes stored in Evernote so that I hopefully can stay on track.

So, I’m set for the party … I hope that someone comes!  According to Louise, my OTF host, we’ve got 16 people registered although in previous sessions people have been just going for the resources after the fact.

The resources that I’m showing the group is located at:  https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/otfdigitalfootprint and the presentation itself is at:  http://bit.ly/Av2jNX.

The webinar goes off at the stroke of 7:30.  It was an uneasy experience.  My first time with Blackboard, sitting at a kitchen table on a kitchen chair for an hour and a half, monitoring the chat on one computer while presenting on another, flipping between a presentation and live work on the web, getting tongue tied, having the family come home mid-presentation, the dog barking at something out on the street, and the list goes on!  And yet, it’s a 75 minutes that just flies.

Oh, and the dog biscuit?  That’s to keep the boxer at bay during the presentation!



  1. This is helpful. Would love to catch the live session, but have to be meet another obligation. I’m really curious to learn more about Popplet as it’s something I’ve never used. Will have to play with that one. Thanks.


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