Why Evernote is my Universal App

Hey, check out the latest blistering statistics on my internet account.

As I prepare for my Ontario Teachers’ Federation Webinar tomorrow night, I reflect on how frustrating it has been to try and pull it together.  In a perfect world, I might do my personal brainstorming and planning on an online document so that I could edit it from whatever device I happen to be using at the time.  As you can imagine, I hope, that approach just wouldn’t work.  What to do, what to do….

That’s where Evernote comes in.  But, isn’t it a cloud service?

Well, yes, and no.  I found me taking advantage of both the yes and no part as I put this together.

The yes part works well in the wee hours of the morning when I do get better speeds than the above.

But, the no part works just as well.  All of the potential devices (PC, Mac, iPad, Android phone) all have the Evernote client on it.  The nice part is that they will work offline when necessary.  When the going gets better, Evernote syncs the latest updates so that I end up ultimately with one master document … eventually!

I’ve come to rely on Evernote as my on the go application for document creation and brainstorming.  I can be anywhere working on a document and then rely on the ability to pull it all together when connected.  I haven’t dropped a bit, and the dog still gets to go for a run while I work on the document!

I figure that I have five different clients downloaded and installed somewhere so I’m covered wherever I happen to be.  


I was at the university between my classes and thought that I’d hop on one of the university machines to enter a thought and … omg, they don’t have the Evernote client installed.  Then, I remembered – log into the web, dumbie!

Through the whole frustrating saga of connection issues, at least I had the power of Evernote to keep me at it.  If you haven’t tried it, you really need to.  You’ll be glad that you did.  In a BYOT scenario in schools where you’re not necessarily at your favourite desktop, this wonderful application will be one common platform for you and your students.


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