What is Blogging anyway?

I've got a Murray McLaughlin album in my stack of records and there's a line that he uses that I'll never forget.  He was talking about salespeople and the line goes something like "We're all selling something".  I wish I could find it on YouTube but couldn't.  This will have to do. I was inspired [...]

Curating Groundhogs

In case you missed it the first time around and are looking for Groundhog Day ideas.... It's pretty hard to keep a secret on the internet when you're transparent.  That came to bite me this morning.  I've been working on something and had a couple of people uncover what I was doing.  One actually tweeted [...]

OTR Links 02/02/2012

BBC News - Mona Lisa copy reveals new detail Mona Lisa copy reveals new detail tags: bbc news lisa copy reveals detail Grades 9 to 12 presentation/Secondary III to V in Quebec During the last few years, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has been conducting research and discussions with high school students [...]