Pathetic Internet Speeds

Have you ever noticed that there are some times that I make a blog post and there are no images contained in the posting to spruce it up or to illustrate the point?  It’s not that I’m lazy; there are some days that I swear that I have the worst internet service provider.  Yesterday was a day when I was bemoaning the fact that modern laptops don’t have built in modems.  Even on the worst days, dialup at 300bps was like blinding speeds compared to bad days now.

Yesterday was just brutal.  I spent over an hour on the phone with technical “support” only to walk away frustrated all to pieces.  The determination on her end was that it was just network congestion.  Grrrrrr.

How bad was it?  Well, a common way to test your network speeds is to use  I tried to give it a test over the net and here’s what I got!

It’s so slow that I couldn’t even load the test!

Thankfully, the iPad version was a little more tolerant of slow speeds.

Try it on your current connection and please feel sorry for me!  Later in February when I host an OTF Webinar, I’ll be doing it on the road.  There’s no way this type of connection would be suitable.

At least I can watch the Pro Bowl game without the internet distracting me!

Fortunately, things are better in the early morning hours and that does let me do some reading and online work.

2 thoughts on “Pathetic Internet Speeds

  1. I recently switched from Cogeco to Primus to take advantage of their unlimited bitcaps, but the compromise was speed. Like you, I’ve been on the phone with technical support numerous times about the speed problems. Twice now I’ve had to reset my DSL model to make the connection speed up again, and once I had to change my wi-fi channel. I assume your techies suggested those things…


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