The Village Gets Bigger

Remember the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”?  I’m happy to note that the Ontario educational blogging village got bigger this week.  Check out the LiveBinder or the Scoopit page for the latest.  From the Scoopit page, you’ll see the entries in LIFO (Last In, First Out) format.  i.e. the latest additions at the top.  If you check the LiveBinder site, you’ll notice that there’s a new tab.

This is a new category.  While we are all advocates at our various level, there was a whole group on the Ontario scene who had been excluded.  With the advice of @ShannoninOttawa, I’ve opened up this new category to recognize the blogs of people who aren’t directly employed by the educational system and yet have a deep interest in making sure that students in the province receive a superior education.  Please welcome them to the fold.
Lorna Costantini was keeping an eye on my old stomping groups – the Avon Maitland District School Board and Director Ted Doherty’s inclusion of parents in their strategic planning.

All school districts struggle with all kinds of issues.  What a progressive concept to reach out in this manner to invite parents in the process.  After all, it only makes sense – they provide the student bodies that make the district what it is.

Safety 4 our Schools
The latest issue here revolves around school districts that don’t require background checks for volunteers in schools.  The body of a message from the Minister of Education appears in the latest post and there’s a table identifying which school districts require and which don’t require background checks.  Interesting.


There’s more about parent involvement in schools from Sheila Stewart’s blog.  Her current entry is Part II of a series examining the state of Parent Involvement Committees in the province.  They are legislated; but how effect are they?  Do they even have a significant existance?

I think that the addition of this new group of bloggers will enrich the messages that we have the opportunity to read regularly.  Please welcome to the group and certainly feel free to head over to their blogs and comment on their messages.  They have some pretty strong messages as advocates and may well be our political friends at some level in the future.

3 thoughts on “The Village Gets Bigger

  1. Hi Doug

    Some people may not understand the implications in your blog post and the creating of the tab “Parent/Advocate” For me personally this is a giant step forward in promoting positive working relationships with parents/schools/educators. Not that you weren’t already working well with parents. That is not what I mean. You and Shannon and others have developed an online network of educators that are moving the mountain in encouraging other educators to adopt and adapt their teaching methods, styles and assessment to reflect 21st century learning.
    This blog post is an affirmation of the importance you place on working with parents to provide a leadership role together.

    I, like you , am so pleased to see more and more conversations like this taking place in Ontario. ( I think Ontario has been a little behind) I also think there is another task to work on and that is seeking out more parents who may or may not be online but would benefit from listening into our stories.

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome.


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