Reading Clearly

I really enjoying reading news online.  A lot of times, you’ll get to a website though where there is a great deal of distracting spinning things and advertising that really take away from what you’re focusing on.  I really like how Zite opens the content in a reader and I’ve used the Readability plugin for a long time to do the same sort of thing.  Just give me the content to read.  Readability calls it reading comfortably and that’s a great description of the end result.  But, I’ve now installed a new plugin that does that and more.  Substantially more for my purposes.

Giving credit where it is due, it was @reed_man who brought this first to my attention the other night. The plugin does just what Readability does with a sweet little feature.

It’s Clearly from the folks at Evernote.  It installs itself as a little button in your browser.  When you come across a blog entry or a newspaper article, click the icon and you’re reading clearly.




Gone is the extraneous and what’s left is the content.  Don’t like the newspaper format?  Clearly has a number of different styles including one customizable to your liking.


But, that’s just eye candy.  The really exciting thing becomes available when you click the elephant!


Absolutely!  The Clearly app will take the article, web clip it and send it online to your Evernote account.  So, compile all this functionality together makes it a real winner for me!

But, it gets even better.  Remember my post a while back about needing multiple browsers because some websites don’t play nice with the browser that I have open?  I ran into a situation just today reading an article in the Windsor Star.  Once again, the text didn’t render around the image properly in the Chrome Browser.  Now, instead of going to a different browser to solve the problem, I just open it in Clearly.  Voila!


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