Wanted an iPhone?

But you only got an iPod Touch under the Christmas tree?  Well, well, well…

Don’t think that you’re too hard done by.  The latest iteration of the iPod Touch is pretty impressive with the faster processor and camera.  In fact, the iPod Touch is so close to being an iPhone except that it doesn’t make phone calls and doesn’t require expensive phone calling plans.

In this article from Lifehacker, they point out that a properly equipped iPod Touch can come close to replacing the telephone part at a fraction of the cost.  Of course, you’ll need wifi in order for it to work but the solution is intriguing.

Every month when I look at the phone bill from my telephone provider, I do constantly wonder if I’m getting true value for the price that I’m paying.  I can’t think of too many places that I pull out my phone that I’m not near a wifi network of some sorts.  Couple that with the times that I really need to make a phone call but can’t because of the lack of phone service.  In particular, I’ve been a fan of the Fring product for a long time.

It does make me think.  But, that doesn’t solve the original premise.  Got an iPod Touch?  Deck it out with the apps in the Lifehacker article and see if works before making next year’s Christmas list.


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