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Skitch for iPad

Skitch has long been my screen capture, annotating tool for my Macintosh computer.  It has so much of the features that I want and I dropped the other couple of ways that I did screen and image capture and quick editing.  It’s not that they were bad but when you find a product that comes along that’s even better, I found that I had to move on.

Yesterday, I read the announcement that a version of Skitch was available for the iPad and so I snagged it and started to play around with it.  As much as I do screen snags on my laptop computer, I find that I do even more with the iPad.  Whether it’s something that I’m documenting or just an image grab to add to the story behind my Words with Friends games, I’m always doing something with images.  So, I was hoping that Skitch for the iPad would be somewhat like the computer version.  I could then similarly drop that application that I was currently using in favour of this one.

There was a time when you just knew that the iOS version of an application would be a subset of the features that the full blown version has and you just learn to compromise.  As I started to play around with this one, I knew right from the start that I wouldn’t be compromising anything that I need to do.  

All the annotation, cropping, editting tools are there.  I can access my camera, images from the photo roll, head out to the web, and then even surprisingly a map mode that flips you into Google Maps to do some writing on top of a map.  

Not surprisingly, since Evernote now owns Skitch, there’s an Evernote button so that your images can be flipped over there with a tap.  That’s a really sweet feature and adds even more functionality to my go-to note taking application.  I’m even envisioning taking pictures during presentations and adding a note to it on the fly.  

The more that I experiment, the more I’m seeing quicker ways to do things.  In my books, even after just using it for a day, it’s a real winner.  

Documenting #winning…

Documenting #attemptsathumour

or just keeping a picture of something unique.

I’m already finding all kinds of ideas.  And, at free, the price is certainly right!

I could see this as being one of the key components, along with Evernote of course, of a successful iPad program where documenting and creating are a key element to the program.


6 responses to “Skitch for iPad”

  1. Add to this photostream automatically winging photos taken on an iPhone magically to the iPad and it gets really powerful. That has made me use all sorts of photo manipulation apps more on the iPad as it gets around its woeful in built camera.


  2. Although I do alright with the use of the tools I select and stuff, you always seem to present a different spin on how to use them and more importantly how they fit into your personal workflows. Although I have used Skith, here I am scurrying off to install it on my MBPs again iPads. Heck, checking to see if they have it for my Thrive as well.
    Always thought provoking ! Many thanks.
    Take care Doug, wishing you and yours the best for 2012!


  3. Thanks for the kind words, Yves. I miss our deep nerd discussions about these sorts of things. Joyeux Noël to you and your family.


  4. Dan, interesting concept – use the phone to take the picture and then iPad to edit it. Interesting way to handle things.


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